How is this helpful?

Use this data to ensure you are getting a fair price on research products in the USA. Type a catalog number into the search bar and results will start to appear.

What can I search?

Search using supplier or manufacturer catalog numbers. For best results, try products that are listed on VWR or Fisher since they’re more popular. The search engine is able to cross reference and combine the pricing more than 250,000 catalog numbers.

What does the price range and histogram represent?

The range is the low and highest prices for the searched product. The histogram shows the distribution of prices over the given range. We combine data sources and across manufacturers to help give you a complete picture. For example, Fisher catalog number BX1656-1 and VWR catalog number EM-BX1656-1 represent the same product therefore the pricing information is combined. Our goal is to give you a more accurate picture of the price of a product.

Why do histograms not always appear?

For some products, we don’t have enough data yet to be able to model the prices with a histogram.

How does data gathering work?

Lab Spend enables researchers to easily share product and pricing information with each other. We also gather data from lab visits, purchasing departments, distributors and partnerships. You can also email us data to, We do not disclose data on individual researchers.

How does Lab Spend ensure data quality?
  1. We use statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to ensure that the data model is sensible and current.
  2. Our data operations team cleans and processes data that is contributed to the network.
  3. We also have a feedback notice with each search result allowing the community to notify us of a possible anomaly.
How can I help or get in touch?

We are always looking for more researchers to contribute by signing up for Lab Spend. We’re also looking to connect with purchasing departments, manufacturers or distributors so feel free to reach out! Send us an email at For distributors and manufacturers, please keep in mind that we do not disclose data on individual researchers.