Lab Management: All-In-One

One tool for the entire lab. Get organized from ordering to inventory for FREE.

Lab Spend improves how your lab operates.
Manage the life cycle of research products from request to inventory.
A centralized dashboard displays requested items and shows status updates.
Customize roles and notifications for your users.
Track spending by grants and projects.
Best in class inventory system with advanced quantity tracking and SDS management.

We can even import your existing data from many existing systems.

Trusted by Industry and Academia

Join thousands of researchers who trust their lab management and inventory to Lab Spend, with a best-in-class functionality and design that’s built for scale.

“Lab Spend has saved us $20,000 on our PPE alone, and provides all the needed tools for our lab in one place!”
Our Model: Interests Aligned

We make money when we save you money. Lab Spend makes money if you buy products with our partners such as from MilliporeSigma and VWR. Lab Spend does not charge monthly or annual fees.

Lab Spend labs have seen more than 2 million dollars in savings.

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Getting Started

Requesting Items

Inventory Overview



  • Request
  • Approve
  • Receive


  • Shipment Status
  • Add Tracking
  • Messaging


  • Auto-populates Data
  • Drag and drop Locations
  • Item Maping

Spend Analytics

  • Instantly View Spending
  • Breakdown Spend by Supplier
  • Monitor Costs

Price Search

  • Search for the market price on the
    products you buy
  • Identify items you’re overpaying on

Save Money

  • Lab Spend Finds Savings for You
  • Effortless Quotes

What’s the Process?

With Lab Spend, your lab can be set up within days. We help with every step.

Step 1

Schedule a Demo

Step 2

Technical Analysis

Step 3

Transition Assistance

Step 4

Training and Support

Everyone can use Lab Spend.


Improve scientific productivity.

Lab Spend organizes item requests into a single dashboard reducing emails and stress. Lab Spend searches for savings, lead times and considers alternatives that reduces tedium.

Lab Manager

Save time in lab operations.

From item requests, approval processes, shipping status to the best-in-class inventory system, Lab Spend saves you time.


Improve capital efficiency.

Use your Lab Spend account to access powerful and flexible tools for research commerce. Lab Spend’s meticulously designed Price Search engine and unmatched service that finds you savings on the products you buy.